The Godoy machines Banana II is a very unique machine. From every internal feature to each and every external characteristic. The way this machines runs is specific to it's design. Not just the frame / sub frame specifications but the internal workings of wire turns, gauges, capacitor, coil core material and more...

When taking a run of these frames and sub frames to our finisher, we originally wanted a brass finish. Due to the darkness of the steel frame parts, the finisher recommended a gold plating. This is real gold. It turned out way better than we could ever have expected. The already beautiful lines of this machine look thousands of times more impressive in the highly polished gold plating.

We only had 8 made and are selling this limited run machine for $600.00 each.

For serious inquiries by professional tattoo artists in shops, email us at:


Not many artists can go from this panther:

to this realistic black n grey feather! It's skill and it's technical ability. Sasha's talents are limitless.

The shop is full of this greatness. Really. Where else can you go where ALL the artists are equally as good. It's hard to say... isn't it. I usually get there before everyone.., and I watch em all walk in, one by one... like the rock stars that they truly are. It's so great cuz I know at the end of our work day, they will have done pieces that exceed the client's expectations and our high reputation and standard has gone even higher.

Ask Fester for a snake and skull and you'll leave with something like this... unless he has a real snake or human skull handy.

Speaking of hands, Who tattoos hands? we do. Fester did this diamond on a hand... look at the perfect lines. That part of the hand is not easy to tattoo!

Mark usually does dragons all day, everyday. Try and find someone to do em like this!!

Or maybe you want a story book style tree. Mark can do it all.

Juan has a style of his own. I don't know any artist who can use an old school whip shading technique and make it look good on a realistic image except for juan.

... and yet do a realistic 3 d image with smoooth shading as well.

I did this boxer...

and this angel... stuff I'm proud of.

We understand technique.. we are all capable of great things and not only that, we do 'em everyday. We know how to get from point A to point B with no stops in between. It is an art. The are some government offices which consider tattoo artists as "low skilled workers"... people who go to college and get degrees are considered high skilled workers. HAHAHAHAHA!!

Explain that one to me... come down and get some low skilled art from some low skilled workers.