We are proud to announce that Jory Helmes - good friend and ex coworker has won "Best Large Color" and second place in "Best Portrait" at the Capital City Tattoo convention this past weekend in Victoria BC!!! Doesn't surprise us... in case you don't know, Jory can do anything, any style any size. This is an example of one piece he did while he was with us at Funhouse.

In the early days, Jory started as a client, I tattooed his leg so long ago!!! I can't even remember what year that was... but we were at 15 E. Broadway at the time. He always had an interest in getting into tattooing back then, so, just like anyone who is dedicated to the art, he went to work on the oil rigs in Northern Alberta so that he could afford to pay for his apprenticeship at a shop in Red Deer Alberta. He has done his time and paid dues, which is something of a rarity these days where everything is so readily available for the backyard scribbler - pre made needles, suppliers who will sell to anyone, how to books...

Jory was with us for YEARS before he decided to go to Duncan BC to open Bully Boys Tattoo, his own studio! The transformation he underwent while he was with us was amazing. The work always had potential but one day it was as if the light bulb turned on in his head and this is the stuff that started to come out!!

If any of you readers find yourselves in Duncan, go see Jory... even if it's just to talk sh*t.