This is a photo from the show...
L-R: Greg, Steve Godoy (drums), Art Godoy (guitar), Duane Peters (vocals), Troy Zak (bass), and ROb Milucky (guitar)...

Art Godoy wil not be in the shop until the 13th of April, because after almost 20 years, the most important line up of the Exploding Fuck Dolls has top billing at the O.C. Punk Rock Picnic. The original founders of the most successful incatnation of the band will be playing songs from the Dolls days including U.S. Bombs and Hunns tunes. DUANE PETERS (ex pro skateboarder and member of the Hunns, U.S. BOMBS, Gunfight), ART & STEVE GODOY (ex pro skaters, tattooers, and members of the Last of the Bad Men) and 2 other good friends Troy Zak from the Bad Men and Rob Milucky on 2nd Guitar.
The history of the band is tragic & triumphant. The stories are endless... though this line up`s existance was short, it was complete with a total rock lifestyle stories, death, starvation.. struggle & success at a time when that dirty grunge movement was taking over. There were tons of immitators that may or may not admit it, who would not be where they are if it weren`t for the Fuck Dolls.
The band was on the brink of a record contract when it all disintegrated. Due to differences and other things, the band was close to achieving the succes that some of it´s contemporaries enjoyed. Bands like Sublime, No Doubt, Fu Manchu, and others, who´s musical careers exploded later on, had opened shows for the 'then' successful Fuck Dolls. Duane went on to form the successful US Bombs and the twins went on to play with Deniz Tek from Radio Birdman. Time has passed and the struggle is not as necessary... it´s time.

Duane called us this week and asked if we were down. We agreed... I (Art) was in Mexico and changed my flight back to Canada, to a flight to L.A. The gig is APRIL 10.. FOR MORE INFO GO TO: http://www.ocpunkrockpicnic.com/
Some of the set will include :
American Bomb
Rumble Beach
Let´s Go
The Wrench
Radio Birdman´s "Breaks my heart"
and more...