Smart Car Concept Presents Second

Smart Car Concept Presents Second. Forvision futuristic look with a rooftop solar panel charger battery energy and even plastic wheels. Forvision also use materials that are lighter than steel and aluminum.

German automaker, Smart, intends to introduce a new concept car named Forvision in exhibition Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany on 15 to 25 September 2011. Forvision is the second concept car that was introduced at this year's Smart, after Forspeed concept car presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011.

Smart collaboration with BASF, the largest chemical company in the world, to develop some advanced technologies applied to Forvision. The fruit of cooperation which include revolutionary plastic wheels, each weighing 3 kg lighter than an aluminum alloy.

Forvision also uses carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin for the construction of the passenger compartment and door. With these materials, Forvision be 50% lighter than when using steel, or 30% lighter when using aluminum materials. To be environmentally friendly, Forvision concept car uses an electric motor drive. The car was even equipped rooftop solar panels to help charge the battery energy.

Forvision is the basis of the development of a small city car Smart Fortwo is already released since 1998. With Forvision, Smart little reveal the direction of design and technology that will use the cars of the future, including the latest generation Fortwo. Smart said the new generation Fortwo will be released next year.

The latest generation Fortwo is built on rear-wheel drive platform architecture being developed in collaboration with Smart Nissan-Renault Alliance. The platform will be used also by the production of the Renault Twingo city car. (sgcarmart)